Alejandro Giacomán
Alejandro Giacomán Music Composer and Producer
Music Composer and Producer    
Additional film work
Some of these are uncredited.
# Title Year Work
13 Tercera llamada 2013 Additional music
12 Colosio: El Asesinato 2012 Percussion
11 Flor de Fango 2011 Song Production Mixing
10 Recolector (Documentary Short)
2010 DVD Mix
9 Ofrenda (Documentary Short)
2010 Surround Mix
8 Viaje Redondo
2009 Score Surround Mixing
7 Backyard, El traspatio 2009 Additional music
6 Belanova Tour Fantasia Pop Live (Live Music DVD) 2008 Surround Mastering
5 KM 31: Kilometre 31
2006 Song String Arrangement
4 Aleks Syntek Mundo Live (Live Music DVD) 2005 Surround Mastering
3 Casi nunca pasa nada (Short)
2005 Score Recording
2 Seres Humanos 2004 Additional Score Mixing
1 Never Too Young to Dream
( Atlético San Pancho)
2001 Song Editing Mixing
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