Alejandro Giacomán
Alejandro Giacomán Music Composer and Producer
Music Composer and Producer    
Cities of Ancient Mexico
(Ciudades del México Antiguo)

Cities of Ancient Mexico (Ciudades del México Antiguo) it's Alejandro Giacomán's first solo CD and includes over 60 minutes of instrumental music originally composed for the video series of documentaries Tajín, Teotihuacan, Tulum, Xcaret and the theme for the Maps. The music was composed from 1991 to 1997 in close collaboration with the directors, producers and editors of each program. The final editing of the CD condensed and structured in longer pieces the fragments originally composed for the different sequences of the films. Some instruments and rhythms are pre hispanic, but also dramatic and cinematographic elements can be found along a modern view through the use of synthesizers, samplers, and ideas from the filmmakers that proposed changes and genres to give movement and agility to images.
Play a one minute fragment from "Tajín": Tajín

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CD and video series can be found in cultural and archeological sites like museum stores all over México.

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