No por Suerte Studio
No por Suerte Studio Mastering
Audio Mastering    
No por Suerte Studio
>The Studio comprises a comfortable control room and a small recording booth for recording.
>Computers Mac Pro
>Sequencers Logic (main), Performer, Cubase
>Audio Workstations ProTools HDX, Sonoris DDP.
>Tubes Manley
>Tape Adat, Minidisc, Dat, Cassette, 1/4", Vinyl
>Digital CDR, DVD-R, Thunderbolt, Firewire, USB, SCSI Wide, IDE, Ethernet. up to 192KHz & 32bit. Antelope Audio Converter.
>Amplifiers Margules Audio, Bryston
>Monitors B&W, Magenta, Yamaha, Mackie, SPL 5.1 Controller
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