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>CD Audio Mastering
Picture of a mastering expert from Godard's film Alphaville 1965.

Professional ProTools HTDM studio for digital editing, Leveling, Compression and Balance. Mastering and Editing of all kinds of music. Analog and Digital Processors are utilized (DSP and Tube). Mastering is the optimization of volume and frequency balance of the audio material on a CD to achieve the best coherence from song to song and an optimal reproduction for replication and distribution. It also comprises the preparation of a reliable production master. For a regular 12 song CD Mastering takes about three days to make adjustments and revisions. The Master can be delivered on an Audio CD (CCDA) or in any audio Data Format as well as DDP. It is also possible to deliver via FTP through Internet.

>Mix check

In order to obtain the best results from mastering, in some cases or upon request, mix adjustments are suggested to improve balance, technical parameters, quality and some times musicality. 

> Audio Restoration

Audio Digitizing, transfer and cleanup from obsolete or damaged formats. Vinyl, Cassette, 1/4 Inch tape, ADAT, Minidisc.


Audio or multimedia material transfer over DSL internet, fast, safe for any purpose. Dedicated FTP server.

>Mastering Talks

Alejandro Giacomán has given two talks about audio mastering for AES México (Audio Engineering Society) at Expo Soundcheck 2005 and 2007. Also for SAE México City in 2019 (Video).

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