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Alejandro Giacomán Music Composer and Producer
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5 Remixes
Chica Dorada [NPS Mix]
Dime Si Soy Sexy [NPS Mix]
Sabor a Miel [NPS Mix]
Asunto de Dos [NPS Mix]
El Me Engañó [NPS Mix]

Paulina Rubio
EMI Music México 2006  
Siete Días Soundtrack CD Production Varios
Warner Music México 2005  

Diario del dolor, audiobook on CD

María Luisa Puga

Bramaro Films

2003 El Diario del Dolor
Latin Lover and Latin Lover Remix and Mastering Manuel (La Academia 2)
EMI Music México 2003  
Si no te hubieras ido Remix Marco Antonio Solís
Suaverecords 2001  
Vuela/Libero Song Alejandra Ávalos
Megashow 2001  
Amor Fascíname Dance Version 2004 Alejandra Ávalos
Megashow 2001  
Muero por ti Remix Jeans
EMI Music México 2000  
Luz de Luna Remixes Ellas Tres
Universal Music 1998  
Unplugged or Acoustic Versions Year Artist
String arangement and keyboards for Lost - Soundtrack Kilómetro 31 La Lupita
Lino Nava 2006  
String arangement for Llévame - Soundtrack Kilómetro 31 La Lupita
Lino Nava 2006  
String arangement for Tal Vez - Metropólitan - CD and DVD Dulce beat Live Bellanova
Alejandro Enríquez 2006  
String arangement for Rosa Pastel - Metropólitan -CD and DVD Dulce beat Live Bellanova
Alejandro Enríquez 2006  
Fue lo que será String Acoustic Version Kabah
Warner Music México 2003 Kabah
Va a ser muy difícil String Remix Angie
EMI Music México 2002  
Hoy Piano Version Morbo
Juan Carlos Lozano 2001  
Maldita Timidez Lynda
EMI Music México 1999  
Wings beneath the Wind Lynda
Carlos Lara 1998  
Bang Lynda
EMI Music México 1998  
Imagine Lynda
Carlos Lara 1998  
Un grito en el corazón Lynda
EMI Music México 1998 Linda
No importa que el sol se muera Moenia
Juan Carlos Lozano 1998  
Estabas ahí Moenia
Juan Carlos Lozano 1997  
No puedo estar sin ti Moenia
MCA Music Entertainment 1996  
Música para Shows and Eventos Año Artista
XVII World AIDS Conference (AIDS-2008) Various
Produced and engineered Acción Universal 2008 Acción Universal

25 mexican artists performed, composed, produced and sung Acción Universal, during the opening ceremony of the XVII World AIDS Conference (AIDS-2008), at Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional.

Celso Piña vocals and acordion; Marco Rentaría, Jaguares Bass player; Héctor Infanzón, Ricky Martin's piano; Lino Nava, guitarrist from La Lupita; Diego Herrera Keyboards from Caifanes, Martín Thulin, Tito Vargas, Leo Muñoz congas and toys, Paco Vázquez drums, Daniel López Infanzón piano, Alberto Saat, Daniel Piloto and Yahan Bermúdez guitars, Rubén Pastor jarana, Kuamasi González Vidal, Victoria Orvallados, Roy Haas, Josel and Raúl, Héctor Quijada, Rosa Adame, Theme by Edson González and Álvaro La Madrid, and finally Razziel, Juan Cruz Tresalet, Azul Itzel Blanco, Niña Dioz, Marcos Abner, Moyenei and Señora Kong in vocals.
VIH no es una banda de rock!, A.C. is a mexican asociation, involved in preventing HIV virus transmition under these precepts:
Lowering yearly incidence rate of HIV in young people.
Rising the volume and quality of HIV and AIDS information circulating among young people.
Ending perceived discrimitation against people living with HIV. Audio reproduction authorized by producer.

Music for Ariel Award Ceremony 2002 Nominees
Tango / María Nicolini 2002  
Nissan Sentra 2001 Presentation Sentra 2001
Grupo Audiencias 2000  
Music for Sauza Pavilion (Reino aventura amusement park) Sauza Pavilion
Echo Advertising & Marketing México 1999  
Music for Ariel Award Ceremony 1998 Nominees
Control Bureau 1998 Ariel
Acoustic Version String Orchestra Conducting live at Teatro Metropólitan Moenia
Guillermo Gutiérrez 1997  
Music for Fecimex Award Ceremony Nominees
Angeles Castro 1993  
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