Alejandro Giacomán
Music Composer and Producer
Alejandro Giacomán
Series & Television Music
 #  Program  Music Producer Year  Description    
20 Intrusos Main Theme Televisa Carmen Armendáriz 2018 Showbiz news and gossip  
19 Yago Score and main theme tema, 65 1hr chapters. Televisa Carmen Armendáriz 2016 Thriller Series  
18 Tu ciudad es Main theme and 9 more fore different sections Pilse 2014 Morning Show Capital 21 channel  
17 Cásate conmigo mi amor Score 18 30 min. programs, main themes Televisa Carmen Armendáriz 2013 Romantic Comedy Series  
16 ActivOnTV Program section's themes TV Promo 2008 Young people, reviews, promotion and showbiz news.  
15 Bien Familiar Main Theme + more

Séptimo Sello / Cadena tres

2008 Morning show with Fernanda Familiar    
14 13 Miedos (M13DOS) Score for 13 30 min. episodes and Main Theme Televisa / Lemon Television 2007 Horror and Suspense Series on XHGC Channel thursdays 10:00PM  
13 Es de noche... ya llegué Main Theme played by the live band. Televisa / Franco Comunicaciones 2005 Talk show With René Franco. Wednesdays 11:00 PM Cablevision's Unicable Channel.    
12 Sergio Pitol Score for 1 program UPX CONACULTA 2002 Interview and fiction about the writer Sergio Pitol, Directed by Walter de la Gala    
11 Aquí entre dos Main Theme Televisa 2000 Showbiz news and gossip    
10 Trapitos al sol Main Theme Televisa 2000 Showbiz news and gossip Trapitos al sol  
9 Marea Brava 50 themes for score Producciones Azteca Digital 1999 Soap opera.  
8 Buenas Cosas Main Theme XE IPN TV Canal Once 1998 Reviews    
7 Cuentos para Solitarios

Score for 9 30 min. Episodes

Arte y Realismo Producciones / Multivisión 1998 Episodes: Table Dance and Calavera de Azucar by Gerardo Pardo, Nic Havana and La mala hora de Ramón by Mafer Suárez, Walter de la Gala: Crisálida and La niña y el tiempo, Carlos García Agraz: El libro de Garcia, Clavel Negro and Nadie quiere a Silvia. La niña y el tiempo
6 Tiempo de Filmoteca Main Theme TV UNAM 1997

Movie presentation and commentary presented by the University of Mexico (UNAM).

Played on official times on Televisa's channel 9 from november 1997.

5 La Botana Main Theme Televisa / Séptimo Sello 1997 Showbiz news and gossip with Juan José Origel. Played daily from october 1997. La Botana  
4 Hacer y Deshacer Main Theme Televisa / Séptimo Sello 1997 Showbiz news and gossip with Juan José Origel. Played daily from july to october 1997.    
3 Ventaneando Main Theme TV Azteca / Corporación de Asesoría Administrativa 1996 Showbiz news and gossip with Paty Chapoy. Played daily since february 1996. (The music author has nothing to do with some controversial contents of this program) Ventaneando
2 Con los Ojos de... Score for 52 30 min. episodes and Main Theme Canal 11 / El Séptimo Sello 1994 Interviews of mexican painters and visual artists. Con los ojos de...  
1 Tony Tijuana Score for 28 30 min. episodes and Main Theme Televisa / Séptimo Sello 1991 Series: Tony Tijuana (Pedro Armandáriz Jr.) is a private detective. Played thursday 10:00 p.m. (Prime time) from may1990 until march 1991 in Mexico. Played also in Spain and USA trough Univisión and Galavisión, latin networks.

Tony Tijuana

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